Why Become a Virtual Assistant by Another Virtual Assistant

Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant by Virtual Assistant 4 Your BizWhy Become a Virtual Assistant you ask? Well if you are stuck at home for at least 6 hours a day with a baby, toddler maybe a cat or a dog or maybe you are caring for your partner or parent? Whatever your reason is for staying home, you want to do something else with your time and if you can contribute to the pile of bills by earning some money even better!

So that was one of my main reasons to start up a business, the other one was when I would go back to employment I could show I actually had kept my skills up and in fact improved them, of course in my case this never happened as I never went back to employment as I love being my own boss.

So Why? Well the flexibility, being able to drop everything and look after your kids/ partner/ parent and not upset the employer. Once you have established yourself and build up credibility online and in your own community you can charge an hourly rate (e.g. $30 and more) which you will never get in a part time job and think about all the benefits of claiming part of your phone, internet, electricity bill on your tax return (please check specifics with your accountant first before you go nuts!).

Okay and even better you don’t have to stay home, if you have a laptop then get out there and find out about play centers, playgrounds, cafes with free wifi or in my case when the kids are in school I love working from my local RSL club and once the job is done I can enjoy a nice lunch with a glass of wine.

Apart from that you will be a happier mum/ person/ wife/ sister because you will feel better about yourself. You are contributing financially to the family (might be just nappies, groceries etc. in the beginning but all little things help), using the other part of your brain (very important!) and you are still part of the workforce so going back to employment won’t be too hard of an adjustment (if you decide to do that).

So what’s the disadvantage I can hear you think? Well it is up to you to bring in the clients, to find job leads as it takes a good 6 months to a year to build up a client base and then it is up to you to look after them and slowly branch out by either adding new services and/ or finding new clients.

All in all it is a pretty good place to start from, if you already have a laptop/ desktop and the necessary programs (Microsoft Office etc.), phone line, internet connection there are hardly any start up expenses.

Still sitting on the bench? Come to my, just launched, workshop where I show you how to work from home as a Virtual Assistant (click here for more details).

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