How can doing a Video benefit Your Business?

How can doing a Video benefit Your Business?

So do you like watching short videos? Especially on social media, there are many short clips and let’s face it it’s easier to explain something via video then to write about it. Some people get the written instructions, most people don’t or cannot be bothered reading it and figuring it out.

So let’s have a think about it. How can you show your audience what your business can do for them? If you make beautiful yummy cupcakes show them how to make some cupcakes really quickly. I love those cakes in a mug, don’t you?

Pick something that is fairly easy to do, you might have to edit the video so it is not longer than 60 seconds. What if you sell a product? Maybe clothes? Do a few styling tips and show this to your audience. Imagine the possibilities as you can then upload it to YouTube and share this link on all relevant social media plus email it to your existing database.

I have been looking into creating a video for my business and showing how to do a document or a spreadsheet is not very interesting so I decided to my Tip of the Day using Facebook Live which I then downloaded to add to this blog. On that video I received 509 views, I reached an audience of 1541 and I got one new client out of it. Not bad for a video of a few seconds long!

Let me know what you think and please share your video in the comments.

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