The pro’s and con’s of automation!

The pro’s and con’s of automation!

So we all know how great automation is but I thought I would dedicate this blog post to reminding you about the potential problems that can occur from automating absolutely everything and how to overcome them in a very positive way!

Question: Did you know you sent me this message twice?
Answer: Yeah sorry about that. I am in the process of changing over automated systems so you got caught between the two so met one of my Robot’s twice.

Result: I then had a really good conversation on social media with someone who without being automated twice would never have given the services I offer a second glance.

No.2: You commit to doing 1 manual task a month and then you are so used to not doing anything manually that you forget to do it.

Application: You do it late with a huge apology and you update your calendar so that this and any other manual task you do choose to do in future gives you automated reminders to ensure it gets completed on time in future.

No.3: You have prospects wanting to talk to you instead of buying through your automated systems.

Application: I gave in just this once and after a 30 minute phone conversation closed a $3000 sale. At $100 a minute I have decided that just because I run a fully automated business doesn’t mean I can’t choose to sometimes do things manually.

As you can see pro’s can become con’s when correctly handled. Happy automating everyone!

To your Publishing and Marketing Success,
Kylee Ellis