The best thing about being virtual is not being physical!

The best thing about being virtual is not being physical!

I know the title is fairly self explanatory however I remember the days when it was not.

Before webinars and online courses when seminars and live workshops were all the go I used to, no joke, fly my hairdresser and makeup artist around the country with me as I was so concerned that I wouldn’t look as good as my professional photos went I walked on stage and that this would affect my credibility.

Little did I know back then what I know now being that you win people over with your great content instead of how good you look. This couldn’t be anymore clear then any presentation in the virtual world where you could be delivering your content (to someone watching you slides on screen while listening to your voice) from your bed in your pyjama’s for all they know.
When it comes to marketing people have 2 common misconceptions that it either has to
  1. cost money e.g. advertising or
  2. take up your time to manually do e.g. networking.

While both of these things may have been true in the physical world neither need to be in the virtual.

In fact I would put it to you that if you are either spending time or money on marketing your business there is at least one virtual system there which you haven’t automated yet.

To run an evergreen webinar requires none of your time and/or money just as leading registrants to a live event (to create your evergreen content from) should not. Similarly an online course should cost you nothing to fulfil on (both financially and time wise) once set up unlike all the travel, venue, catering and accommodation costs of the in person workshops we previously conducted.
There is no doubt about it the best thing about running a virtual business is that you are no longer running a physical one!
Guest blogger:
Kylee Ellis – The Publishing and Marketing Queen