Not a crafty mum

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I started my business. Possibly to do with starting the new year which always makes me reevaluate everything.

I realised that starting my own business was just the first step since I started PA on the GO,virtual office support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Since then I started another business together with my now business partner which is a network group for mums in business called Mum Entrepreneurs and along the way I created an online business targeting mums in business called Marketing 4 Mums with the focus on online marketing for businesses and two years ago I started my journey as a writer and learned that what is in my head doesn’t necessarily get reflected on paper.

I have learned to stand up for myself as a woman and as an entrepremeur. I have learned to create newsletters, write blogs, update my website and the biggest one of all was learning to outsource. Pretty funny considering I am the person people outsource to but I was trying to do it all myself at the beginning of my business and I didn’t realise for a while that my business would not grow until I added other Virtual Assistants to my team and recently I started to collaborate with other mums in business in other countries.

So why did I start my own business? I never really had a career nor did I aspire to have one and though I love my two kids dearly I could not imagine sitting home all day or talking to my kids all day without having another outlet. I always tell my kids I will take you everywhere; the beach, playgrounds, play centres, shops, the city but don’t ask me to glue, paint or cut something. I never liked it as a child and still don’t.

Becoming a mum was life changing but being an entrepreneur has enriched my life in so many ways I would never stop being an entrepreneur.

So what about you? Why are you in business? What makes you keep going even when the chips are down? Feel free to comment your Why or share this blog with your friends, fellow entrepreneurs.