Living the life of a Virtual Assistant

So how does my life look like as a Virtual Assistant?

My day is pretty much the same as yours.

Getting up early in the morning around 6am and making coffee for hubby and myself, then getting the kids ready for school, organise lunchboxes and backpacks, make lunch for hubby and if all goes well we are in the car by 7.30am.

You see I drop my hubby off to work everyday (we share the car) and pick him up also (yes I know it’s a drag but life is full of comprimises), luckily both my kids are in school now as well and yes that is making my life as a VA easier as I have a dedicated working time from 10am till 2pm and occasionally I work after hours or on the weekend but I try not too.

Once everybody is dropped off my day starts, I try and be home by 9.30am so I can tidy up the house, I just can’t work with a messy kitchen but sometimes I will venture out and find a nice spot to work from where they have WiFi or I use my mobile phone to access the internet.

I like to go through my emails straight away, and prioritise any jobs that need to be done that day or that week. No social media till my break as that gobbles up a lot of my time (unfortunately) or if I am working from home I will turn the TV on and watch Ellen.

Break time is usually around 1pm and about 15 minutes and then back into it and then wrap things up by 2 or 2.15pm as I need to then hurry up and get my kids from school. We rarely stop anywhere on the way back from school unless it is the end of the week and so the kids get showered and changed and do their homework (if there is any) and I start cooking dinner, put clothes on the line and then at 4pm we leave to pick up my hubby from work and by 6pm we have had our dinner and sit down to relax and if the weather is good I might go for a walk/ hike to get my brain working (it is the perfect time for me to think about my business and any goals I want to achieve that week without interuptions from the kids or hubby).

I work in my business full time meaning I work 5 days a week from 10 till 2pm doing client work and about 2-4 hours per week I work on my business so chasing up invoices, paying bills, setting goals and achieving them, revising my plans for that week, setting up meetings with clients and potential clients.

If you think this sounds like you then I would love for you to come to my next workshop where I show you exactly what is involved in running your business from home and what a Virtual Assistant actually does. Just go to the Workshop page and scroll down for upcoming dates.

Hope to see you next month!

Virtual Assistant 4 Your Biz