How to Stay Organised

How to stay Organised in your business is imperative to your success. Don’t think this is true?

A cluttered office/ desk is a cluttered mind. For example I have to tidy up the kitchen first before I can start my jobs for that day or I simply have to work from somewhere else so I don’t get distracted by the state of my house and what to cook for dinner.

Every Sunday I start my goals/ list to do’s for that week ahead. I had to do this as I was getting swamped by doing this job but oh have to send this to the bookkeeper so I would end up doing a little bit of both instead of finishing a job completely.

Check your calendar for the next two weeks and see what you have on, any meetings you need to prepare for/ confirm, appointments, stuff to do with the kids or pets or other family members.

Here are 8 apps they I have found great to use and saving me time.

  1. Evernote
  2. Google Maps (who needs a NavMan when you have this on your mobile!)
  3. Skype (great for conference calls on the go, use it on your iPad/ tablet/ mobile/ laptop)
  4. DropBox (without this online storage my business would not exist plus you can access it from any mobile device that is connected to the Internet)
  5. Saasu (online accounting software which can be installed as an app on your mobile device so you can send your invoice straight away, no more delays, no more admin work to do when you get home)
  6. LastPass (keeping all my logins/ passwords in one place and it is all secure so no chance of getting hacked into, this is a really useful tool for any entrepreneur but especially if you are looking after your client’s websites/ newsletter/ travel/ banking etc.)
  7. Digital Mailbox from the Australian Post which allows you to add bills all in one place (giving you reminder notifications)
  8. Mailchimp Snapshot (using Mailchimp app on your mobile device to create instant newsletters on the run, so easy to use)

I have also recently moved my emails and calendars to Google so no more Outlook, being stuck to one laptop/ desktop. I can access my emails anywhere, my calendars are synchronised plus I can very easily add my client’s calendar when I do diary management and that easy I can disable it. Yes it does take time building new folders etc. but that’s what the school holidays are for! LOL

Also remember when you don’t need it every day it might be time to store it, check out this great business Boxly recommended by Beverely Scheepers from Home and Life Organising where the people from Boxly come to your office/ home and give you the boxes and pick up when you are ready. It comes with an online inventory and once stored it gives you a receipt so whenever you need it you contact them provide the receipt and they drop it off the same or next day! So this is for small quantities of storage

As we all know the headspace is even more important than the clutter in your office or home so I was recommended the following app by naturopath Angela Counsel called and as I work mostly from my laptop I love these apps Daily Workout app and Daily Yoga app giving me a few useful stretches/ exercises to avoid a sore back and neck.

Staying organised is not only part of your success as an entrepreneur but it is imperative, you simply cannot do without it.

Here is to getting Organised and here is to Your Success!

Diana Holwerda
Virtual Assistant 4 Your Business
VA, Blogger and Mum Entrepreneur


How to Stay Organised