Change Your Branding

Change Your Branding

As some of you might know my business has gone through a few changes, a process that is almost finalised.

I have wanted to move away from my business name PA on the GO for a while now. For some reason people didn’t understand what PA was standing for, especially people who hadn’t worked in a corporate environment. Plus when people were searching for a virtual assistant or administrative support, my website was not on page one of the search engines like Google, so after 6 years I started thinking about changing my business name, which meant changing my logo, my domain name and email.

For Mother’s Day this year I bought myself Naomi Simson’s latest book “Live What You Love” where there was a section on branding, and how she became the ‘lady in red.’ I started looking at different branding colours; previously I was using red, black, grey and white, however I found the red too aggressive for my business and my personality, and whilst I am assertive, I found I was far more comfortable with colours that are warm and invigorating. I picked a colour that I think suits my personality but also myself, and more importantly something I could wear as well, and so orange it was.

Once I had the colour, I then got my graphic designer to put together a logo that loosely resembled my old logo, but there was  no more short skirts as that just wasn’t me, but still the high heels. I then had to come up with a tagline that resonated with people and I felt good about, and what came to mind was I wanted people to feel empowered as an entrepreneur when they would use my services, and so “Outsource and be Empowered” was born.

There are still many changes to go through like updating social media platforms with my new logo, email, website etc., but also all my eBooks need to be updated which will take a bit longer as they will need a rewrite as well.

I have really enjoyed rebranding my business and I have taken it slow, I have taken the pressure off myself as I focused on my business and my family while making the changes along the way.

I would love to hear what you think of the new look. Feel free to comment below.

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